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Bill has been a lifelong aquarium hobbyist and expert, starting in his earliest days with guppies and goldfish. He was also the proprietor of his own fresh and saltwater aquarium superstore called Wet Pet Zoopermarket in Reisterstown, MD. Today Bill is still involved in this field as a hobbyist with a great fish family of his own. Bill is an entrepreneur. He owns a pet product wholesale business, and has developed niche products for the aquarium and small animal market. www.PetscapeProducts.com

This is not your typical aquarium-related website. At fishinaquariums.com, Bill runs the show. It’s not a big superstore where you don’t know who you’re dealing with; there is an actual person on the other side. Bill is an aquarium hobbyist guru. Not only is he an expert, he’s also a true lover of aquariums and of all Mother Nature’s creatures. His only investment is his love of animals, and he has lots of knowledge and information to share.

This website is a general index library of some of the more popular fish kept in fresh, saltwater, and brackish aquariums. It is a great resource where both the beginner and the advanced aquarist will find useful information.

On fishinaquariums.com, you will find a live stream into one of Bill’s own aquariums. You will be able to see many of the fish in his aquatic family, ranging from shark-like catfish to beautiful discus, tetras, clown loaches, and many other freshwater varieties of tropical fish.

Today, in addition to being an aquarium hobbyist and wholesale business owner, Bill is also an urban musher, which means he harnesses a team of Huskies to a cart and travels on trails and streets. He doesn’t use a snow sled like they do in Alaska; instead, he uses modified bicycles to mush with his pack. www.WooFDriver.com

As you can see, Bill is an adventurer. He looks forward to helping you as you embark on your own adventures as an aquarium hobbyist!


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