Aquarium Live Plants for Betta Fish

Top 5 Aquarium Plants for Betta Fish

Betta fish are highly popular among pet owners. They are colourful, active fish that can thrive with proper care, and brighten up your home. Just like any other pet, however, betta fish keepers need to take note of the ideal conditions betta fish can grow in. With that said, to replicate the betta fish’s natural habitat, you can add live plants to its aquarium. What are the best aquarium live plants for betta fish? Here, we present five plants that you can add to your aquarium to make sure that your betta fish grows and lives happy and healthy.

Be Sure To Get These Aquarium Live Plants for Betta Fish! 

1. Amazon Sword Plant: Among the ones listed here, the Amazon Sword Plant may be one of the most versatile live plants you can add to your betta fish tank. This plant’s original habitat is quite similar to that of the betta fish—the Amazon. Because of its superb adaptability, the Amazon Sword Plant can mimic the environment betta fishes grow up in, making it a great addition to your aquarium. This plant is best for larger betta fish aquariums, as it can grow a lot of big roots.

2. Anacharis: The anacharis plant is easily one of the most popular fish tank plants—not just for betta fish—because of its beneficial yet low-maintenance qualities. Some fish owners even say that this is the best live aquarium plant for newbie betta fish enthusiasts.

3. Hornwort: Before you go rushing to buy this aquarium live plant for betta fish, know that hornworts can go wild when unchecked—quite literally. This plant is notorious for taking up too much space, and overwhelming the contents of the entire fish tank. On the bright side, hornworts are aesthetically pleasing, and can provide a good amount of foliage for your fish.

4. Java Fern: When added to your betta fish’s aquarium, this live plant can spruce up your dear fishes’ habitat. If you plant (see what I did there?) to place your fish tank in a room with low to moderate lighting, the Java Fern is the plant for you!

5. Hygrophila: The Temple Narrow Leaf is another great live aquarium plant for betta fish, which can help hide unsightly fish tank equipment. Just like the hornwort, this plant requires regular maintenance to keep it from overshadowing and crowding your aquarium. The hygrophila does not need to much light to grow, and can thrive with low maintenance!

What Else Do You Need To Know About These Aquarium Live Plants for Betta Fish?

These are our picks for the best live aquarium plants for betta fish. Some people might prefer plastic plants, but live plants are better for your betta fish tanks. While they may require a bit more effort to maintain, they can help keep the water fresh and clean for your fish, optimizing your pet fishes’ living conditions. Don’t rely on them to do all the dirty work, though—they also need your love and care. Be sure to replace the water and clean your aquarium regularly, and you will have betta fish and plants that are vibrant and healthy!

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