Best Aquarium Plants For Guppy Fish


Choosing Live Plants For Guppy Fish Tank 

Guppies are hardy fish that can easily be kept by beginners. These beautiful fish come in a variety of species and are capable of filling your tank with baby fish very quickly. Aquarium plants for guppy fish are an important addition to any fish tank as guppy fish sometimes nibble on them, use them to hold their eggs and also provide a hiding place for the baby fish once they are born. No plants at all, or plastic plants have been said to work well in a guppy aquarium, but live plants for guppy fish tank provide the best environment for the fish to flourish.

The 3 Best Aquarium Plants For Guppy Fish

Water Sprite: When choosing aquarium plants for guppy fish, the water sprite aquarium plant will feature high on the list. Guppy fish like to nibble on this plant which provides them with needed plant nutrients.The water sprite tends to find its way to the top of the aquarium unless it is tied to the bottom, and the guppy will happily lay its eggs in it, and once hatched the guppy fry will hide in the plant until they feel confident to swim around the tank. Much like the guppy fish, these floating guppy fish tank plants need light and warmer waters to grow well, making a guppy fish aquarium a good environment for them to thrive in.

Java Fern: As a choice of live plants for guppy fish tank, the Java Fern is a hardy plant that can survive easily under a beginner’s care. They are able to thrive under a variety of conditions as long as they get the bare minimum oxygen, light and nutrients. A guppy tank has to be kept fairly clean and filtered with specific temperature needs and lighting requirement, and thus these aquarium plants for guppy fish will not need too much tending to in such a tank. The guppies and their guppy fry will enjoy swimming through and hiding in the leaves of this plant. The Java Fern can be planted at the bottom of the tank, or attached to any surface you want it to grow on.

Amazon Sword: The Amazon sword is another plant that will feature of the list of aquarium plants for guppy fish as they are a good deterrent to the overproduction of algae. Guppy fish benefit from nibbling on algae, but too much of it can overwhelm the fish. The Amazon sword grows into a large plant that uses up a lot of the nutrients needed by the algae thus keeping it in check and creating a balance. The Amazon sword plant is popular among guppy fish enthusiasts as it only requires a good amount of light to grow, and does not need too much attention to flourish. Guppy fish will enjoy swimming between the leaves of this plant.

Basic Caring Of Aquarium Plants For Guppy Fish

When choosing live plants for a guppy fish tank, keep in mind that the plants will need as much care as the fish, therefore choose plants that require an environment similar to that which guppies enjoy. If keeping aquarium plants for guppy fish is too difficult, use plastic plants instead.

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