Best Aquarium Plants for Peacock Cichlid Fish


What Are the Best Aquarium Plants for Cichlid Fish?

A common challenge among fish enthusiasts, especially those of Cichlids, is aggression among pets. It can be quite difficult to manage Cichlids, as they tend to fight among themselves. While beautiful, these fish can cause some harm to their fellows and cause more stress to their keepers. Luckily, one group of Cichlids is less aggressive than the others—Peacock Cichlids. They have been known to coexist peacefully, creating a multicolored school of fish that is sure to spruce up any living space. Of course, this would not be possible without the right additions to their aquarium. Which aquarium plants are best for Peacock Cichlid fish?

3 Aquarium Plants for Peacock Cichlid Fish 

Anacharis: Alternatively dubbed the Brazilian Waterweed, the anacharis is a highly recommended choice, especially for beginners. This plant is great for Peacock Cichlid fish aquariums because of its hardiness. Its adaptability makes this plant a mainstay in aquariums, not just ones with Peacock Cichlids. It thrives under ideal conditions for Peacock Cichlids, allowing you to replicate the fish’s natural habitat in the tank. Seeing as Peacock Cichlids can be voracious eaters, you may have to replace your anacharis stems regularly, but if you keep your fish population in check, this should not be a problem. You might even find that anacharis can grow so quickly, the plant remains long even with frequent grazing.

Duckweed: Duckweed is a very popular addition to Peacock Cichlid aquariums. They float on the surface, and can sometimes cover light. This should not be an issue, though, as they grow very, very rapidly, even when your Peacock Cichlids nibble on them in your aquarium. This plant requires low maintenance—unlike most aquarium plants, this does not need trimming. Sadly, most people would consider duckweed as a detrimental plant to most Peacock Cichlid aquariums, but it can provide other benefits. For one, it helps prevent the spread of algae in your fish tank. Too much algae can clog your filters and heaters, keeping your Peacock Cichlids from growing healthy. Furthermore, this plant can serve as a nutritious alternative food source for your fish.

Java Fern: The Java Fern is heralded among fish enthusiasts as a very beautiful aquarium plant, which can complement the colors Peacock Cichlids bring. This plant goes very well with Peacock Cichlids especially since it grows under similar living conditions, which you can replicate in your aquarium. The Java Fern does not need a lot of light for it to grow; under moderate lighting, it will be able to provide decent foliage to your fish tank. For this plant to grow properly in your Peacock Cichlid fish tank, though, make sure to keep water pH levels between 6.0 and 7.5. If you are looking for a plant that will stand out, the Java Fern is a strong choice.

Choose These Aquarium Plants for Peacock Cichlid Fish

You may have noticed that some of these plants are popular in aquariums not just with Peacock Cichlids, but all types of pet fish. Indeed, their versatility and beauty can give your fish tank a very pleasantly green touch.

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