Basic Aquarium Care for Cichlid Fish

 Caring for Cichlid fish in Aquariums is Simple! 

Cichlids are fish that are generally easy to take care of, but they tend to display strange behaviour when given the opportunity to be territorial. They are known to uproot plants and dig around to create an environment that they like. Cichlid aquarium fish care is relatively simple as these hardy fish that are most comfortable living near the bottom of the aquarium and are not picky eaters. The most outstanding feature of aquarium care for Cichlid fish is finding ways to manage their aggressive behaviour such as filling up the tank with fish such that the Cichlid fish are unable to mark any territory.

Guide to Basic Aquarium Care for Cichlid Fish 

General Aquarium Conditions: Like most fish, the Cichlid requires good water conditions to survive. The exact water conditions required will vary from one Cichlid species to another depending on their natural habitat although hard, slightly salted water is enjoyed by most cichlid fish. Basic aquarium care for cichlid fish will demand that the water in the aquarium be changed once every two weeks unless you have a very good filter. When considering caring for cichlid fish in aquariums, the bigger the tank the better as this will give them room to move around and mark their territory. Cichlid fish are not comfortable near the floor or in a place with a lot of traffic, and such conditions will cause them to stay hidden.

The Aquarium Floor: Aquarium care for Cichlid fish calls for attention to be paid to the details of the aquarium floor. This is because Cichlid fish use the aquarium floor to mark their territory. With Cichlid fish care, expect a lot of moving around of ornaments, digging up of plants and shifting of rocks to create an environment that the Cichlid is comfortable with. The choice of substrate or plants that are included in the aquarium will be dependent on the species of Cichlid fish that will be accommodated. Floating, or plastic plants can be considered as part of the aquarium environment. Alternatively, you can grow the plants in little pots and include them as part of the decoration of the floor.

Aquarium Companions: Cichlids are not very good at sharing a tank with other fish, except fish of their own specific species. Cichlid fish are known to be very aggressive. The best aquarium care for Cichlid fish would be defined by not putting Cichlids from different continents in one tank, and selecting Cichlid fish of roughly the same size to be aquarium companions. This will reduce tension in the tank and provide an optimum Cichlid fish aquarium environment where all the fish are relatively happy. A fairly crowded tank also makes for a peaceful environment as there is a reduced ability to mark and defend territories. Don’t forget to include an algae eater that will not be harassed by the fish.

Aquarium Care for Cichlid Fish is Fulfilling 

A school of Cichlid fish makes for an attractive and action packed aquarium that will entertain and keep you busy as long as you remember the basics of aquarium care for Cichlid fish; a lot of space, clean water, ideal aquarium location, ample hiding places, the ability to rearrange the bottom of the aquarium, and good companions.

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