Blue-Eyes of Fish….

Being the Siberian Husky Lover that I am you know I love them Blue Eyes!! Have you ever seen or heard of Fish with Blue Eyes? Well in my early days of Fish collecting in the late 1970s there was a familiar Blue-Eyed Plecostomus (Algae Eating Fish)  in most of the aquarium stores I would visit. There are so many beautiful strains of the Pleco (short for Plecostomus) that the Blue-Eyed one wasn’t at the top of my collecting list so I regrettably never added one to my aquatic family because now they are a rare find as the country in South America has limited (maybe even cut off) exports of this beautiful fish. I don’t believe these have ever been bred in captivity but I understand you can still occasionally find one here or there for sale. There are also other fish with Blue-Eyes or at least a Blue -Eyed tint, below are some they are part of my aquatic family! Can you name some others or even post a picture? 

Longfin Congo Tetra

Congo Tetra

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