Boesemani Rainbow Aquarium Fish Care

How to keep and care for Boesemani aquarium fish

The boeseman’s rainbow fish, also known as the boesemani rainbow fish, is a tiny tropical fish with amazing coloration. Over the years this rainbow fish has become very popular to people within the aquarium hobby. As a result of this, the boeseman’s rainbow fish has been listed as an endangered species on the IUCN Red List. Despite this, it is important to know how to care for boesemani aquarium fish. Below, a few tips on boesemani rainbow fish care have been discussed.

Tips on Boesemani rainbow fish care

Tank set-up: The appropriate tank size for boeseman’s rainbow fish is one that can hold at least 30 gallons of water. This size is recommended so as to give the boesemani fish enough room to swim. The water temperature needs to be between 70-79 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH level should be between 6.5-8. To give adequate boesemani rainbow fish care, the tank should contain plants. When choosing the plants, be sure to choose those that can stand the alkaline levels suitable to the boeseman’s fish. A heavily planted tank will mimic the natural habitat of the rainbow boesemani fish which will lead to reduction in stress provided good boesemani rainbow fish care is given. When giving care to boesemani rainbow fish, it is important to filter the water from time to time to make sure it remains clear.

Feeding: Boesemani rainbows are omnivores. In the wild, they are known to eat aquatic insects and algae. It is important to try and recreate this diet so as to care for boesemani aquarium fish properly. The diet can include frozen foods, flaked foods and even live foods. The best live foods that can be given to boeseman’s rainbows include black-worms, blood-worms, mosquito larvae, brine shrimp and daphnia. Frozen blood-worms, brine shrimp, black-worms and daphnia can also be included in the diet. Some vegetation should also be provided. Giving a proper diet is a very important boesemani rainbow fish care aspect as it helps the boeseman’s rainbow improve its colors and even makes it healthier and happier.

Breeding: Care for boesemani aquarium fish is important during breeding. The first step when providing boesemani rainbow fish care during this period is to move the male and female fish to a different tank. The boeseman’s aquarium fish have to be placed on a steady diet of frozen and live foods. The pH level of water in the breeding tank should be at least 7. The tank should also have dense plantation. After spawning, the adult males and females should be removed from the breeding tank. This is because it is easier to care for the fry on their own and also due to the fact that the parents can decide to eat them.

Do you care for your boeseman’s rainbow fish?

It is easy to care for boesemani rainbow fish as they are not too demanding. Feed them as required and always keep the water clean. Give proper care to boeseman’s aquarium fish today and experience the beauty of their colors.

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