Butterfly Aquarium Fish Care Guide


How to Care for Butterfly Fish in Aquariums 

The care of butterfly fish in aquariums is a task not recommended for those just starting to keep aquariums mainly because of their dietary requirements. Some of these beautiful fish will eat only coral polyps but there are those butterfly fish that will happily eat a variety of aquarium food and some live brine shrimp as well as plankton. Butterfly aquarium fish care demands that you not only meet the requirement of the fish, but also the coral, plankton and shrimp that are part of its diet. Keep in mind that butterfly fish are heavy and constant eaters.

Simple Guide to Butterfly Aquarium Fish Care

Diet: Diet is a major part of butterfly aquarium fish care because if these fish do not get the type of nutrition they require, they can easily starve to death or fall sick. Butterfly fish need to eat foods that will supply them with amino acids, pigment, and other nutrients to be healthy. Part of the dietary care for butterfly fish in aquariums is to ensure that whatever seafood they are fed is clean and cut into bite-size pieces. For those butterfly fish species that require coral in their diet in order to survive, you can either make it available for them, or opt for a different species of butterfly fish that has more flexible eating habits.

Aquarium Environment: The butterfly fish’s natural home is in the coral reefs where there is constant water movement, warm temperatures, wide variety of food, and a wide expanse of hiding places. Butterfly aquarium fish care needs its natural habitat recreated for it to thrive or even survive. Some aquarium owners use submerged power heads to stir up the water and also make it a little warmer.  It is important to monitor the water quality and general tank hygiene as butterfly fish are susceptible to diseases. Space is another factor in care for butterfly fish in aquariums as these fish love to swim around and hide. Although they are relatively small fish, they can grow to over five inches in length.

Disease: Constant alert for disease causing parasites is a must in butterfly aquarium fish care. Carefully consider the type of fish that you want to bring into the fish tank and the kind of diseases they are prone to. When introducing new fish to the tank, implement a period of quarantine to ensure they are not carrying any of the parasites that typically plague the butterfly fish. Consider keeping cleaner fish in the same tank to help keep the general environment clean and facilitate easy care for butterfly fish in tanks. A little research will help you know what to look out for and how to make sure that the care for butterfly fish in aquariums is parasite-free at its best.

Butterfly Aquarium Fish Care Is Not For Beginners

Butterfly aquarium fish care needs you to be on the alert from the very start. To ensure optimum butterfly fish care in tanks, when purchasing the fish, ensure you get as much information as possible from the pet store about how the fish was captured or bred, what its feeding habits are like before you take it home.

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