Columbian Tetra Aquarium Fish Care


How To Care For Columbian Tetra Aquarium Fish

The Columbian tetra aquarium fish, also known as the red and blue Columbian tetra, or the red tail mirror blue tetra, has been part of the aquarium trade for a long time. The Columbian tetra can live peacefully in a community tank with other aquarium fish of a similar size. Columbian tetras are fairly easy to take care of thus making them them a great choice for less experienced aquarium owners. If you have a passion for aquarium fish read below to learn more on Columbian tetra fish care.

5 Columbian Tetra Fish Care Tips 

1. Tank set-up: The Columbian tetra fish should be kept in a tank of at least 20 gallons. Such a tank will help the tetras reduce any stress or aggression. To ensure adequate Columbian tetra fish care, the following water specifications need to be met; The pH level should be between 6.0-7.0 and the temperature between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also make sure that the water is soft and that it does not have any ammonia or nitrites. To care for Columbian tetra fish, the tank needs to have stones or driftwood so it resembles their natural habitat. The tank should also have plants to make the Columbian tetra aquarium fish feel at home and to keep them away from direct lighting.

2. Feeding: Columbian tetra fish are not picky eaters. It is, however, important to give them a proper diet so that their true colors can come out. To care for the Columbian tetras, frozen foods, pellet foods, and flaked foods should be introduced in the diet. Live foods such as mosquito larvae, blood-worms, and brine shrimp can also be included in the diet. To make sure that the columbian tetra fish care is top notch, the tetras should be fed several time during the day in small portions instead of one big meal.

3. BreedingColumbian tetra fish care is very important during breeding. The Columbian tetra species can be spawned in pairs or groups during breeding and the water in the breeding tank should be slightly acidic to ensure good breeding habits. The temperature of the breeding tank should be between 80-84 degrees Fahrenheit and the pH level of the water between 5.5-6.5. After spawning, adult Columbian tetra aquarium fish should be removed from the breeding tank as they do not have any parental care.

4. GroupingThe Columbian tetra aquarium fish can be a bully to smaller tank mates and they may even occasionally nip fish with larger fins. So the best way to care for Columbian tetras is to keep them in shoals of 5 or 6 (or more), as this helps them calm down and behave better towards the other fish in the tank. Columbian tetras are not a good company for smaller fish species; tetras should be kept with similar sized fish that don’t have large fins. Columbian tetras do well with other aquarium fish such as loaches, barbs and rainbowfish, and of course with other tetras.

5. FiltrationIt is important to have good oxygenation in the aquarium so as to care for the tetras. To do so, include air stones or sponge filters that are air-powered in the aquarium. This will ensure that there is proper movement of water and oxygenation.

Ready To Keep Columbian Tetra Fish Today? 

This is one amazing fish species that you will enjoy having in your aquarium. It is beautiful and easy to take care of. The above tips should enable you give them proper care – just remember to feed them bit by bit for their beautiful colors to come out.

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