Gourami Aquarium Fish Care

Guide To Gourami Aquarium Fish Care  

Gouramis have the reputation of being a fish that is easy to look after. These small, colourful and active fish thrive in a community of mostly females. The males tend to be aggressive towards each other unless they have enough space to keep out of each other’s way. Basic Gourami aquarium fish care revolves around carefully choosing compatible tank companions, creating a favourable aquarium environment, and ensuring the fish get the food they require. While there are a variety of Gourami fish, their basic needs are somewhat similar. For specific care for Gourami fish varieties, read a little more based on the type of Gourami you want to keep.

Basic Care For Gourami Aquarium Fish 

General Aquarium Environment: Gouramis love to swim around, and they love company of their own kind, therefore ensure that the aquarium you select provides them with enough space to do both. Water temperature of between 74 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit, and that is slightly acidic is ideal for these fish that are at home in warm waters. Try as much as possible to keep the surrounding room at the same temperature as the water. As playful as these fish are, they like to hide, therefore pay attention to the need to include plants either live or artificial, as well as rocks or driftwood in the tank as this is part of good gourami aquarium fish care.

Aquarium Companions: Care for gourami fish extends to carefully selecting their tank companions, even though this fish is considered to live fairly comfortably in a community tank. Two male gouramis in one small tank is asking for trouble especially during breeding time; they need a large tank in which they can mark their territory. The female gourami can live comfortably in a shoal. For optimum gourami aquarium fish care, the best tank companions for these otherwise friendly fish are similar sized fish that are not aggressive such as dwarf chiclids, angelfish, and labyrinth fish. Aggressive, long finned and bright coloured fish do not make good companions and will result in fighting or will introduce a tense atmosphere in the aquarium.

Diet: Feeding is a key element of gourami aquarium fish care. Much as these fish are not too picky about what they will eat, it is important to ensure that they receive a balanced diet that will provide them with the nutrients they need. Gourami fish care in the area of diet includes feeding them with a combination of live, dry and frozen foods. The food should be in bite sized pieces to make it easier for the gourami fish to eat it. Their diet may vary slightly when they are breeding to include fresh vegetables and more live foods. Once the fish have hatched, there will be another slight variation in their diet to suite their nutritional needs.

Gourami Aquarium Fish Care Simplified

Though keeping gourami fish is not recommended for beginners, they are considered hardy fish. Gourami aquarium fish care is centred on keeping the tank environment one in which the fish is comfortable and can thrive in. Care for gourami fish is an activity that is both pleasant and productive.

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