Guppies are a fun community fish, that’ll add a colorful flair to your freshwater aquarium. With spots, swirls and splashes of any vibrant color imaginable, these fish are quite pleasing to look at.

They are a schooling fish, therefore Guppies are more comfortable when they have others of their kind to pal around with. With just one in a tank, it will appear to wander aimlessly; seemingly lost, with no collective goal from the group.

Guppies go great with other community fish. Not the slightest bit aggressive, they will amiably swim around the other aquatic patrons. Be careful, though; if you have slightly aggressive fish in your community tank, they will likely pick these mindlessly calm little fish to prey upon.

Since they can be so very small sometimes, they have a tendency to disappear into open tubes, never to return again. It’s always a good idea to make sure your filters are functioning correctly and are properly covered.



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