How to Keep Aquarium Damselfish Happy

How to Care For Damselfish 

Damselfish are a favorite amongst tropical fish owners. They’re low maintenance, beautifully colored, and have an interesting temperament that goes along with other similar sized fish. If you’re one of the many who has fallen in love with this type of saltwater fish, you’re going to want to know what it takes to keep them content as they live in your home aquarium. Some people mistake fish as passive animals because of their silent nature but just like any pet, it takes dedication to keep your aquarium damselfish happy, so read on for some tips in doing just that.

Tips to Keep Your Aquarium Damselfish Happy 

Keep Live Corals in Your Tank: Damselfish feed on a variety of different fish food such as vitamin enriched shrimp and zooplankton. Because of this, damselfish will pick out algae from corals without causing damage to the polyps. This particular specimen of fish functions best when given a wide range of food choices, so having live corals in your aquarium is bound to keep your damselfish happy as it gives them a constant food supply. It’s also a considerable option to have a less aggressive water filtration system so they can have access to the zooplankton that often crops up in tanks.

Avoid Placing Them with Fish that have Similar Habits: Damselfish are kept happiest in your aquarium when they don’t have a lot of competition, as they are a territorial breed of tropical fish. This particular type sometimes also bonds with anemones or cnidarians, similar to the well known habits of clown fish, so if you’re especially keen on keeping your damselfish happy in your aquarium, make sure it will not have to fight over any spots, as they will defend anything they feel is rightfully theirs. This might cause rifts in your aquarium environment particularly if you have more than one damselfish. As long as you give your damselfish plenty of room to make its own claims around the aquarium, it is likely to get along with many other breeds of fish you wish to have in your tank.

Find the Right Tank Mates: With the previous being said, the last important thing you need to keep in mind for the happiness of your aquarium damselfish is to find the right other breeds of fish to keep it with, for maximum comfort. Damselfish can sometimes to bullies to smaller fish, sometimes harboring food or being generally aggressive towards them. They are also a particularly tasty type of fish, so they should not be kept with any fish big enough to make a snack out of them. You can keep your aquarium damselfish happy by placing it with species that look different from them, which are also roughly the same size.

What Else Do You Need to Know to Keep Aquarium Damselfish Happy? 

Damselfish are ideal for novice tropical fish owners as they are hardy and low maintenance. However, that’s not to say they can be left completely to their own devices. A little extra attention to their habits and relationships with the other fish in your tank will go a long way for keeping up the happiness level of your aquarium damselfish. All it takes is a little understanding towards your spunky damselfish to have a harmonious tank.

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