How To Keep Dottyback Aquarium Fish Healthy

Keeping Healthy Dottyback Aquarium Fish 

Fish enthusiasts who specialize in tropical fish often admire them for their many colors. The dottyback is one of the most stunningly beautiful small saltwater fish, and owners are likely keen to keep their dottyback aquarium fish healthy in order to enjoy the full benefits of this colorful specimen. The dottyback is a particularly tricky fish to care for because of its temperament, but with the right combination of concern and technique, any owner will be able to have their dottyback sitting comfortably in their home aquarium. Take note of the following tips if you’re palanning on keeping a healthy dottyback aquarium fish.

Best Ways to Keep Your Dottyback Aquarium Fish Healthy

Adjusting Its Environment: A surefire way to keep any aquarium fish including the dottyback healthy is to make sure it has the right environment to thrive in. What is unique about the dottyback though is its temperament. To keep any healthy dottyback fish is to know they will exhibit semi-aggressive behavior in the aquarium, finding enjoyment in chasing other slower fish around and even nipping at them. It’s important as an owner to make sure that there are a lot of caves, rocks, and spots for hiding so that your dottyback can make claim to its own territory.

Feeding for Color: The dottyback’s color is what makes it extremely unique and a delight to have, but it can actually fade if you don’t feed it right. To keep the dottyback fish color healthy and bright, the key is in its diet. Most expert fish enthusiasts say it’s all in the shrimp. Mysis, brine, and krills all help maintain the vibrancy of the dottyback. It’s also key to keep a wide variety for this fish, and making sure all the food is enriched for maximum effect. The dottyback is a fish that can keep its color healthy in your aquarium for about five years, as long as you feed it right.

Keeping a Harmonious Aquarium: As mentioned previously, dottybacks have a bit of an aggressive temperament. This can lead to collisions if you don’t have the right tank mates to keep the dottyback fish in your aquarium healthy. Dottyfish are known to chase other fish three times their own size if they’re defending their territory, and will go after other slow swimming fish. This can lead to infections, since the bite wounds left open will no doubt be a problem. Find other fish who are quick swimming and hardy to place in with your dottybacks, and keep the number of fish to a minimum if your tank isn’t that large.

Aquarium Fish and Keeping Dottybacks Healthy

All fish are unique and some get along better than others in aquariums. Luckily, the dottyback is an ideal aquarium fish to keep around and healthy as they are hardy and adjust well to tank life. But it’s not to say that they can be left completely unsupervised. Take note of the tips above to ensure harmony and a healthy dottyback for years to come.

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