Guide To Keeping Puffer Fish In Aquariums


How To Care For Puffer Fish In An Aquarium 

Before making the decision to keep puffer fish in aquariums, one ought to take time to decide what kind of puffer fish they want to have. There are freshwater puffer fish, brackish water puffer fish, and saltwater puffer fish. Freshwater puffer fish care is largely dependent on the species of puffer fish you want to keep and varies slightly from the care of the other puffers. It is not considered easy to keep puffer fish in aquariums even though they are known to be hardy fish. They tend to be aggressive, nipping and biting smaller and slower fish, they require a lot of space, and tend to be messy eaters.

Points To Note When Keeping Puffer Fish In Aquariums 

Water Conditions: The salinity level of the water required to keep puffer fish in aquariums will depend on the species one selects. Freshwater puffer fish care requires exactly that, a constant supply of fresh water in the aquarium. There are puffers that can comfortably live in either fresh or salt water as they were born in fresh waters, spent some time in brackish waters before spending their mature life in salty waters. The main thing for all puffer fish is to ensure that the water is filtered and changed regularly to prevent a buildup of ammonia and nitrates. Their lack of scales or gills is thought to make them more susceptible to disease causing microorganisms.

Puffer Fish Individual Needs: The decision to keep puffer fish in aquariums will constantly revolve around the species of puffer fish you choose to keep. Aside from the need for space and varied water conditions, some puffer fish may tend to be easier to handle than others. Some will comfortably live in the same space with other fish, and others are only able to accommodate fish of similar species. Puffers are predators and are not particularly known to be community fish. They may attack larger fish, or eat the smaller fish at the slightest provocation. Each fish has a personality of its own, and a fish owner should not assume that what works for one puffer fish will work for the others.

Dietary Needs: Puffer fish are good eaters but do not require constant feeding. When you keep puffer fish in aquariums, you have to be careful not to overfeed them. They are messy eaters and will find ways to coax you to give them more food even when they do not need it. Supply them with hard shelled live food to maintain the size of their teeth or beaks which can become overgrown and make it difficult for the puffer fish to feed. Salt water and freshwater puffer fish care will require that you quarantine any live food you give them to keep them from getting sick. A diet of live snails, shrimp, and bloodworms will keep your puffer fish happy.

How Not To Keep Puffer Fish In An Aquarium 

The moment you decide to keep puffer fish in fish tanks, understand that if you want to keep other fish, you will most probably need to have another fish tank to accommodate them. Poor filtration or poor water quality is a sign of inadequate puffer fish care and is likely lead to sick or dead fish.

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