Best Low Maintenance Coldwater Aquarium Fish

What Are Some Low Maintenance Fish For Your Coldwater Tank? 

By the time you read this article, chances are that you have chosen to raise freshwater fish in your aquarium. It can get quite exciting when you finally make a decision, but hold your horses—you should choose whether you want to raise tropical (or warm water) fish, or those that thrive in cold water and consider your experience level. Whichever of the two you choose, though, there are viable, low-maintenance fish that you can raise in your aquarium. Here we will discuss the low maintenance coldwater fish option.

3 Low Maintenance Coldwater Aquarium Fish

Goldfish: Goldfish are, perhaps, the no-brainer choice when it comes to raising fish. The popularity of the goldfish may have something to do with their portrayal in movies and television. Do not worry, though; this does not make raising goldfish any more difficult than it should be! This low maintenance fish for coldwater aquariums is fun to raise. You will often see it swimming around vigorously, given that it is kept healthy. To do so, make sure to keep the water temperature below 22 degrees Celsius (72 in Fahrenheit)—the ideal temperature for goldfish is from 65 to 65 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it may suffer from lack of oxygen. Furthermore, this low maintenance coldwater aquarium fish can eat messily, so keep the aquarium clean.

Tetra fishes: The previous example is usually portrayed as a solitary creature, best when raised in a fishbowl all to itself. Tetras, on the other hand, are highly social creatures that are suitable for coldwater aquariums that are roomy enough. Two types of tetras, which can be raised in coldwater fish tanks and require low maintenance are the Bloodfin Tetra, and the Black Skirt Tetra. The main difference between these two easy-to-raise fishes is that they can provide different touches to your aquarium. To keep your tetras healthy and happy, do not raise them in isolation; they prefer to move around in schools. While being friendly, both Bloodfin and Black Skirt Tetras are known to swim around vigorously in aquariums, making for cool sights.

Chinese Danio: The Chinese Danio, otherwise known as the White Cloud Mountain Minnow, is one of the best choices for beginners. This is because it requires little maintenance, can adapt to various conditions, and is suitable for unheated freshwater aquariums. Similar to the goldfish and tetra, these low maintenance coldwater aquarium fish are social creatures—when they interact with tankmates, they are more likely to develop their luster. Speaking of which, White Cloud Mountain Minnows typically exhibit numerous colors when healthy and happy. Their males are more colorful than the females. Make sure not to keep Chinese Danio with larger, predatory fish to keep them away from trouble.

Consider These Low Maintenance Coldwater Aquarium Fish!

These freshwater fish may be easy to raise, but be sure to keep the conditions in your aquarium ideal. For instance, do not allow the temperature to get too high, as this may compromise their appearance and health. If you are a beginner, consider these low-maintenance freshwater fish for your fish tank.

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