Oscars are big, loveable fish! They require a lot of tank space for their big personalities and considerable size, but they’ll always greet you when you approach them. Whether they’re just that friendly, or if they’re just hoping to be fed is for you to decide.

They come in a vast array of colors and patterns. Some even look albino, with red eyes and pale skin, but then they might also have a colored patch that stands out magnificently against the pale color of their bodies. Others have spots or stripes, and some are more solid colors, but all are unique.

Being a relatively large fish, Oscars like to have a live snack occasionally. Watching your big, dog-like fish, dart around on the hunt for little fish to eat, is a unique look into the underwater animal world. It’s a fun experience for you and your Oscar.

Know that the Oscar is not long in the memory department. So they might act like they’re always hungry when they see you, but they don’t remember that they’ve just been fed. The good thing about it, is that they also don’t remember that they just saw you. So they’ll get excited about it over and over again!


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