Planted Goldfish Aquarium Setup Guide

Setting Up A Planted Goldfish Tank 

Some pet owners would argue that goldfish are a man’s best friend. This is because they are very easy to take care of, while providing joy and bliss to their keepers. This is not to say, though, that you do not have to pay attention to their living conditions. The health of your goldfish has a lot to do with its new home’s set up—this is why most goldfish owners try to replicate their natural habitats. With that, let us talk about setting up a planted goldfish tank. We will also clear up some misconceptions about a planted goldfish aquarium setup.

5-Step Planted Goldfish Aquarium Setup

1. Choose your tank: When setting up a planted goldfish aquarium, choosing the tank is a big part of the setup process. This determines the number of fish to live in it, as well as the number of plants and decorations you can add. At the onset of the planted goldfish aquarium setup, consider how many fish you want to raise. Be careful, as you don’t want to over-saturate your planted goldfish aquarium after setup.

2. Add a water filter and a heater: While the latter is optional, a water filtration system is very important to any fish tank. This helps keep the water clean, and your fish tank habitable. Without a filter, your fish may end up swimming in filthy water, which can cause disease and stress. Another thing you have to consider during the planted goldfish aquarium setup process is the type of fish you would like to keep. Exotic goldfish thrive more easily with a water heater. 

3. Add gravel and decorationsAfter you have set up your filtration and/or heating system/s to your goldfish aquarium, make it ready for planting by adding gravel. Gravel helps keep plants in place. The amount of gravel you add to your goldfish aquarium depends on the plants you want to add. Make sure, however, to use gravel that will not be swallowed accidentally by your fish.

4. Add water and plants: When setting up your planted goldfish tank, make sure to treat your water with aquarium conditioner before adding it, and turn on your filter and/or heater. Don’t add goldfish to your planted aquarium right away, as there has to be no ammonia for fish to survive in water. This would also be a very good time to set up your plants in your goldfish aquarium.

5. Migrate your goldfishWhen you’re sure that your planted aquarium is working perfectly, start adding fish to it. Don’t dump them all in one go to prevent unnecessary stress—migrate them one by one at regular intervals.

Are You Ready To Set Up Your Own Planted Goldfish Aquarium?

Those were the five key steps in a planted goldfish aquarium setup. Don’t forget to clean and cycle your water every now and then, to make sure that your aquatic friends stay happy and healthy. Some people would even add janitor fish with their goldfish after setting up their planted aquarium. Just remember that, just like any other pet, goldfish need tender loving care for them to thrive.

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