Suitable Fish For Small Aquariums


Ever Think of Suitable Fish to Keep in Small Tanks?

Some people have always wanted to raise fish as pets, but could not because of a number of reasons. One of these is not having enough space in their homes. The truth is that you do not need a very big space to keep pet fish. Some of these can thrive in smaller tanks! This then begs the question: which fish breeds are suitable for small aquariums? The obvious answer would be the small ones, but it is best to know what specific breeds are best for smaller fish tanks. Here is a list of suitable fish for small aquariums.

5 Suitable Fish for Small Aquariums

1. GouramiThe gouramis make suitable fish for small aquariums not just because of their size, but their colors. Gouramis come in different forms: pygmy, sparkling, and dwarf croaking. Some gourami keepers add dark elements to their aquarium to make their colors stand out. You can raise a gourami in a fish tank with lower oxygen levels, because they prefer to come to the surface to add to the air they breathe underwater.

2. Dracula Fish: A word of warning: Dracula fish should only be raised by experienced fish keepers. Aside from being tiny, fish that belong to the Danionella genus tend to be more delicate than most due to their lack of barbells, scales and lateral line, and they should only be kept in a single species tank. If you are looking for tiny fish with personality, and here we are talking about barely reaching 0.55 inches, then this fish may be suitable.

3. Ember TetraTetras are generally known for being energetic fish, but what makes the ember kind suitable for smaller fish tanks is that they are relatively calm. They are less likely to stir up trouble with other inhabitants, which is interesting, given their bright red color. Ember tetras can grow up to three-fourths of an inch.

4. Scarlet BadisThe Dario Dario is a rare fish that can be difficult to find. They are not sold in most pet stores, because they are rare. If you do plan to raise scarlet badis, it is best to house them with fish of the same species, with one male and a group of females. Their docile nature can make them suitable fishes to keep in small tanks.

5. Siamese Fighting FishExtremely popular for their looks, Siamese fighting fish can be extremely territorial. Also known as betta fish, it is usually best to house a single male in a smaller fish tank. While they may be unfriendly to other fish, they are more interactive with humans, making them a great candidate for fishkeepers with smaller aquariums.

Consider These Suitable Fish for Small Aquariums

These fish require tanks of only 3-5 gallons to survive, making them great for homes without that much space. Aside from these fish, shrimp can also make fine additions to your small aquariums. They make great scavengers, who can clean up waste material. Make sure, however, to keep them away from bigger fish that may eat them. If you are looking to add a small aquarium to your house, consider these wonderful fish species.

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