10 Suitable Invertebrates For Freshwater Aquariums

What Are the Best Freshwater Aquarium Invertebrates?

You will find that invertebrates are a staple in some aquariums. They can prove to be nice additions to your schools of fish. Freshwater invertebrates are suitable for cleanup purposes; they help you dispose of waste materials that may compromise the health of your fish if left unchecked. Of course, not all freshwater invertebrates are suitable for fish tanks.

Some Suitable Invertebrates for Freshwater Aquariums

1. Nerite snailsSnails typically are not the first choice for most people, especially since they are not the prettiest. Nerites have their uses, though. They help eat up algae that, if allowed to propagate, can hamper the oxygen supply in your tank. Nerites are suitable invertebrates not just for freshwater aquariums, but also those with brackish water.

2. Algae shrimps: Similar to nerite snails, algae shrimps can be great for freshwater fish tanks because they help clean up algae, preventing any overgrowths. Shrimps of the algae kind are typically docile, though they can end up falling prey to bigger fish. Make sure not to add them to tanks with predatory fish.

3. Singapore Flower shrimp: Singapore Flower shrimps can be amazing in freshwater aquariums because of their colors. They can appear to be bright red one moment, and dark brown in the next one. Be sure to have foliage for them to hide in.

4. Crayfish: A crayfish can be a good alternative for, well, any other kind of fish, provided that you are going to raise it in isolation in the aquarium. Crayfish are interesting invertebrates that will brighten up your freshwater aquarium with their colors.

5. Clams: Clams may be primarily known for being great in seafood dishes, but these freshwater invertebrates can make great additions to your aquarium. They are best when kept away from predatory fish, as they tend to nibble on these shelled creatures.

6. Mussels: Similar to clams, mussels are better known for being tasty morsels. Mussels are suitable invertebrates for freshwater aquariums because they generally require little maintenance. They tend to shy away and burrow underneath substrate, though.

7. Hammers Blue Lobster: A very popular choice for freshwater fishkeepers, this invertebrate is suitable for tanks with little to no bottom feeders. They tend to prey on fish that are small and slow, and fight other lobsters.

8. Fiddler crab: Most people know fiddler crabs as mini crabs. These inverts are fun to watch, but also require access to dry land. Some fiddler crabs also thrive in brackish water.

9. Apple snail: In need of a freshwater invertebrate that can help keep your aquarium clear of algae? Then the apple snail is the thing for you.They can be voracious eaters of vegetation, but this should not be a problem with enough food.

10. Fan and long-arm shrimps: Word of caution: these freshwater inverts are territorial. These can still be suitable for your aquarium, as they make a fun sight.

These Invertebrates Are Suitable for Freshwater Aquariums!  

These freshwater invertebrates are suitable for people with different degrees of experience in fish keeping. They are all relatively easy to raise, and are less likely to be sensitive to water conditions. Take note, however, that medicines with copper are not suitable for these freshwater inverts.

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