Best Tankmates For Basslet Fish

What Are Some Suitable Tankmates for Basslet Fish?

Many marine fishkeepers all over the world have developed a preference for basslets. Basslets are small, colorful fishes that can make terrific additions to aquariums, and have a manageable temperament around others. While they can get territorial and hide for a while after being migrated to an aquarium, you will find that basslets generally do not cause trouble, given ample living space. Of course, it pays to know what kinds of fish make the best tankmates for basslet fish. In this article, we will go over five suitable tankmates for basslet fishes, according to size and temperament. Read on!

Top 5 Tankmates for Basslet Fish

1. Pygmy Angels: In contrast to basslets, pygmy angels can get quite big—you’ll need more than an average-sized aquarium to hold one—but their size does not stop them from being suitable tank mates for basslets. Pygmy angels generally do not attack or eat other fish, because they are herbivores. You only need to worry about them around other pygmy angels, as they can be competitive.

2. Hawkfish: While full of personality, hawkfishes can be suitable tankmates for basslets if they are added to the aquarium last. The typical hawkfish is territorial, and will often attack fishes that are new in its living quarters. They have even been known to eat newcomers. This aside, your basslets should be fine with a hawkfish as their tank mates.

3. Clownfish: Made popular by the movie Finding Nemo, clownfish have been subject to the media spotlight due to their distinctive appearance and general personality. You will often find clownfish with anemones in the wild. What makes clownfishes suitable tank makes for basslet fishes, you ask? Clownfishes are not as aggressive as other marine species. Especially when clownfish are in their juvenile stages, you will find them as great basslet fish tank mates.

4. Boxfish: Most hobbyists would be immediately put off at the mention of this species of colorful fish because of the toxin it releases. While it is true that boxfish can release a toxin that can immobilize other fishes, it only does so to protect itself. Aside from that, the boxfish is docile, making it a great tank mate for basslet fishes.

5. TangTangs are colorful tank mates for basslet fishes. They are less aggressive and are herbivores. You may want to prepare  a bigger aquarium for these guys, though, as they can grow in excess of eight inches. The Lavender Tang is one of the most popular types, because of its colors.

Spruce Up Your Aquarium With These Tankmates for Basslet Fish!

These fish can potentially be great tankmates for your basslets. These species can give your basslets some great company, while adding some variety to your fish tank. While basslet fishes can be secluded especially when they are new to their surroundings, they should get more adventurous as soon as they get comfortable with their home. Lastly, make sure to keep your aquarium in top shape, to keep your basslets and their tank mates healthy and happy. With a steady and healthful diet, clean tank, and proper maintenance, your fish can live for a very long time.

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