Top Tropical Freshwater Fish For Beginners

Which Beginner Tropical Aquarium Fish Should You Raise?

Freshwater aquariums are usually the easiest to stock and maintain. While you will still need the staples of a well-functioning fish tank, such as filters, not having to worry about saltwater can spare you some hassle. This makes tropical freshwater fish great for those who are newbies at maintaining tanks. What are the best tropical freshwater fish for beginners, though? Here, we have a list of some of the most popular tropical fish that inexperienced fishkeepers can raise in their tanks. Remember that raising these fish to be healthy and happy comes with its own conditions, namely water temperature.

5 Tropical Freshwater Fish for Beginners 

1. Platie fish: Among tropical freshwater fish, platies (alternatively spelled as “platy”) are recommended for those who are new when it comes to maintaining aquariums. This is because platies are diverse and can withstand a variety of conditions. Platie fish can survive not just in fresh water, but also brackish and saltwater. Aside from this, having a group of platies can brighten up your tank.

2. Tiger fish: Despite their name, tiger fish, also known as Datnoid fish, are extremely docile. In the wild, tiger fish are adept hunters. In a domestic setting, though, they can coexist with other non-aggressive fishes. Another surprising thing about the Datnoid is that it can subsist on typical fare for fish, such as pellets and frozen food, making it very easy for beginners to raise them in aquariums. 

3. Barb fish: Barbs are great for beginners at keeping fish tanks because, just like the previous examples, they can survive under numerous conditions. Barb fishes can get aggressive and nippy; it is usually best to have them come in schools to curb their feistiness. The Cherry and Rosy barbs are the most popular, not just for beginners in raising freshwater tropical fish but also for experienced ones, because of their colors.

4. Siamese fighting fish: If you are new to raising tropical freshwater fish, a Siamese fighting fish may be one of the Betta (see what I did there?) options for you. This fish is best raised in isolation, as it is prone to picking fights with its peers—hence the name.

5. Tetras: If you want your fish tank to be bustling with activity, you will love tetra fishes. Imagine a school of neon-colored fishes swimming about in your fish tank! Whether you are a beginner or not, tetras will always make a great addition to your aquarium.

New to Fishkeeping? Consider These Tropical Freshwater Fish 

Tropical freshwater fish are generally great choices for newbies. Some of them may seem to be low-key, but they are terrific for different fish tank setups. One reason why the above mentioned fish are highly recommended by experts is that they are very hardy—they do not stress easily, unlike some of the more delicate fish breeds. Make sure to keep the water warm, so your fish will live happy and healthy. Depending on the fish, you might also need to add foliage and decorative elements. This can help laidback fishes hide from aggressive peers. Even if you are a beginner, start raising these tropical freshwater fish!

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