WooFDriver’s River Tank Sunrise….

Just in case you couldn’t tell I am a Nature Lover and enjoy bringing Nature into my home when I can’t be outside to share it. I therefore try to replicate all of Nature’s incredible details as closely as possible as well as giving my animal family as much of a natural expierience and setting in their lives as possible. So I have assembled my aquarium lighting to simulate different times of day as well as some limited weather patterns such as cloud cover and clear skies. I actually have explored this lighting effect interest to the extent that I introduced and still currently market to the aquarium trade colored covers for fluorescent bulbs that allow the hobbyist to essentially make their aquarium light in the color they choose! –  My Pet Business Petscape Pet Prducts – It’s fascinating and so exciting to see how different colors and accents on fish and tank decor can really be highlighted and brought to life from different light spectrums. In Nature these different light colors appear at times because of the position of the sun or moon in the sky as well as so many other factors like reflections and refraction etc….it’s also fun and intresting to mix these different light colors as I am doing in these pictures (mixing blue and rose/orange for a sunrise simulation) to add to the realistic affect I am trying to achieve. I put all of these lights on timers to coordinate throughout the day with the time of the day….so in the morning at my home the lighting on the tank simulates the sun rising and at night the moon lights will come on etc….with advances in technology aquarium lighting has gotten that I’ve been able to make all my aquarium lights LED. In addition there are even some all in one aquarium lighting systems that include different colored LEDS and automatically mix the lights and through a program built into the fixture the lights replicate automatically the time zone where you are located….Modern Technology & Mother Nature —-OH YEAH!!

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